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1. Exports high end Tissue Papers/Plastic Garbage and Carry Bags Aluminium Pouches, Transparent Polythene Bags and Heat Sealers to Australia for YESV Packaging based in Melbourne. This extensive range of Products is then distributed to over 150 Super Markets and Restaurants in the City. This Company is in the process of having its presence in all the major Cities of that Country. In addition to the above listed Products we also export many other Packaging related items for multiple operations in this field.

2. The Company is keen to enter the Oil and Gas Sector in a big way and is poised to enter into MOU’s with same major Oil and Gas Companies for supply of all types of Welding electrodes. Among the few Clients already being served is CLIC NATIONAL FENCE & METAL INDUSTRIES(KUWAIT) AND HYDRA FORCE HYDRAULIC LLC which is involved in manufacturing and installation of wire fencing and other fabrication related operations, spread over 6 Countries, with head quarters in KUWAIT.

3. Negotiations are under way with HYDRAFORCE UAE for supply of high end Hydraulic spare parts for their operations in DUBAI as well as SINGAPORE.